Our History
NPA – Núcleo de Pesquisas Aplicadas is a pioneer research company in Brazil, specializing in the development of industrial process and products for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and chemical industries. Our company has capabilities to move from laboratory scale, though pilot, and up to large scale manufacture and, since it was founded, it has filed several patents describing new pharmaceutical active ingredients, besides processes and composition for the agricultural, chemical, and cosmetic industries. Currently, NPA manufactures and provides to the market a wide range of innovative products.
The company is founded in the city of Jaboticabal, SP, in an area of 45m2 and installs its first R&D lab dedicated to the research of new products prepared with Saccharomyces cerevisiae for applications in the pharmaceutical, food, and plant nutrition areas.

NPA makes investments to increase its R&D facilities and wides its research pipeline. In December, NPA files its first patent application, describing a new active pharmaceutical ingredient for reducing cholesterol levels in humans.

The company enlarges its collaborators' staff and, on June, it opens a pilot plant with capacity of 530 gals in reactors, which starts operating in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices standards set forth by the Brazilian Health Survaillance Agency. In that very year, it is recognized by the scientific merits of its R&D program by the most prestigious Brazilian Research Funding Agency.
The works for building a unit for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients start.
On December, NPA is certified by the Brazilian Health Survaillance Agency as one of the few companies manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients in Brazil and it opens its industrial production unit.
NPA manufactures and provides for the market mineral chelates prepared with amino acids, supplying many pharmaceutical and food companies.
NPA's industrial and scientific industrial yard counts on25,000 liters in reactors and equipment distributed in an area of 3,000 m2. The company's technical team files its first global patent reaching the mark of 18 patent applications.
The company decides to widen its activities and opens a plant nutrition business unit aiming at providing for the market cutting-edge differentiated products, as a result of years of investment in R&D.
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